Basic Construction Services has been in operation since 1985. Our license number is B473173. We are located in San Jose. Our estimating, management and production staff can provide you with a complete construction project from design and engineering through finished surfaces and installations to the final janitorial and window cleaning.

Our main subcontractors and suppliers have worked with us as a team for years.

You can expect us to manage and perform all aspects of your project. We can provide you with rough budget numbers, but this process really begins with a detailed estimate and specifications for the products used. It finishes with a home or area that is ready for you to live in.

We will first visit your home or site and prepare plans if necessary, or work from your plans and prepare an estimate for the complete project.

We then proceed to product selection with you, creating a schedule, and ordering materials in time to fit into your schedule. All permits and inspections are included. Our contract includes payment terms, so that you know exactly how much will be due at which phase of the project.

Work then begins on your home and is carried through to completion. If you are living in the home, we protect the areas where you stay, and isolate them from the working area. Any changes in materials or tasks are dealt with by written change orders.

This is a complex process, even for relatively small projects. It is what we specialize in. It is all that we do.

We will allow the photographs of completed projects and our customer references to speak for our quality and timeliness.

Thank you for considering us.

Basic Construction Service
15197 Dickens Avenue
San Jose, CA 95124